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Frequently Asked

Website design of various types, including corporate, store, exchange, insurance, news, medical, etc. All of which are done by the Karaiti website design team. Their tariffs are very different depending on the facilities and features. To observe Tarrifs carefully, click.

Ready-made website design is redesigned with pre-made templates. The possibility of maneuvering to change the features and facilities in the ready-made website design is low. In designing a dedicated site, a template is designed for the site according to the requested features and facilities.

In terms of cost, ready-made website design is cheaper, and if you are a beginner; Ready-made website design is suitable for you.

  • Holding a consultation meeting
  • Holding a template design meeting
  • Implementation of the initial plan using Photoshop software
  • Obtaining approval of the template design from the client
  • Implementation of the template and content of the main page
  • Normal and dedicated responsive implementation
  • Holding a site handover meeting
  • Getting approval of the executed template from the client before uploading
  • Specialized site upload
  • Holding a training session
  • Support for the site designed by Farakarant Group

The design of a company website is to inform and introduce services; If the design of the store website is for the online supply of products and services. In other words, designing a store website is a payment gateway; But website design does not have a company.

  • Electronic payment gateway
  • The possibility of comparing goods based on price
  • Advanced product search filter based on features such as gender and brand
  • Study customer reviews
  • Add an unlimited number of products
  • Providing different methods of sending products
  • 24-hour access for users
  • The cost-effectiveness of online advertising of products

1- The design language of the online exchange site in Karaiti is Ruby. This language is the best exchange programming language.

2- There is no limit to the design and display of different currencies.

3- The scripts of the digital currency exchange are new and are designed by the Karaite site design team

4- Dedicated electronic volt design by the design team

5- The possibility of exchanging currency with Tomans

6- Designing the afleet marketing and referral marketing system

Many people who register companies in Turkey; or provide services to help people with immigration or legal work; They need website design in Turkey. Multilingual website design in Turkey with exclusive features is done by Karaiti website design team.

After the completion and delivery of your site design, you will have site performance support and support for site technical issues for up to one year; And depending on the type of website design, you have 3 months of update support. After that, if you wish, you can extend the support if you are satisfied. Click to view the terms and conditions of support.


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