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Farakarant history

Farakarant Group with the full name of Farakarant Engineers Company started its activity in 1377 specializing in the field of information technology services. Farakarant company was established in 1378 due to the needs of the users of Tehran University Technical Faculty Graduate Center and the website of Iran Industrial Development and Modernization Organization as the first specialized site design center in Iran and started its activity.

Farakarant is proud to provide service during its 19 years of presence Web hosting and The largest organizations and institutions have always kept themselves up-to-date and today in various fields Digital Marketing website design is mobile application design and domain with the best technologies provides the latest knowledge to its applicants in Iran, Germany and Canada.

why farakaranet


Spending a significant percentage of attention and cost in your business to ensure the safety of customers


Creating a transparent structure, a fully automatic system with excess capacity


Activity since 1377-1998 in the field of website design and…

Today's knowledge

Using the latest software and hardware technologies

Customer Orientation

Providing special support promotions for the company’s customers and incentive benefits

The price is right

By observing the limited profit margin, the use of revenues in line with the development of sales with a cost reduction approach

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Farakarant's honors

  • Twenty years of transparent and customer-oriented activity in various fields of information technology
  • Head of the Cyberspace Commission of the Computer Trade Union Organization
  • Member of the working group of managed funds in the field of content and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
  • Member of the board of directors of the first Iranian tech private sector accelerator
  • Networking of successful Iranian start-ups and teaching courses on business growth and prosperity and entrepreneurship.
  • The board of directors of the organization of the computer trade union system, the third and fourth round
  • Head of the working group of events of the Computer Trade Union Organization
  • Member of the International Web Design Association
  • Jury member and selected mentoring in Elcom Stars events 2016, 2017 (Elcom exhibition)
  • Providing service to more than 36,000 businesses in the field of services
  • Bachelor of Information Technology in Radio Economy
  • Bachelor of Content in Culture Radio

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